Hugo Martins

I like to build and break things. Currently, Site Reliability Engineer at Talkdesk, formerly Claranet. I have an interest in building tools. I’m currently focused on building platforms and tooling that improve developer’s lives and productivity. I also enjoy automating stuff and optimizing infrastructure. These days I write Python, Go and Kotlin.

I try to use this page for sharing whatever I am interested in or learning. Here you can also know more about me, what projects I am working on or have a look at my past research.

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A powerful, vibrant and eclectic debut album from a young Immanuel Wilkins.

Building a Private Terraform Registry

In this essay I go through a few steps that describe how to implement a read-only private Terraform registry, serving custom providers privately to be used with Terraform, using Python and Flask.

What distinguishes great software engineers?

Great software engineers are difficult to characterize. All of us want to - most likely - be one, few of us get to a stage where our peers recognize us as such. In order to be able to be a great software engineer, we need to understand what is a great software engineer. In order to understand what great software engineers are, we need to understand what characterizes them.

Pytest 6.2.0 is Out!

Celebrating the release of pytest 6.2.0 which includes my first core contribution to pytest: improving pytest’s –collect-only output.

Improving pytest's --collect-only Output

A small account of contributing with improvements to pytest’s ‘collect-only’ functionality. I have made a few changes in the way pytest processes the results of test collection, when using ‘collect-only’, based on feedback from an issue that was reported to pytest.

It Is the Journey That Matters

“It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”


An upbeat soulful album from the master Bill Withers.

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