Hugo Martins

I like to build and break things. Lately, I’ve been working on tools that improve developer’s lives and productivity. Sometimes I also dabble in automating stuff and optimizing infrastructure. These days I write Python, Go and Kotlin.

I try to use this page for sharing whatever I am interested in or learning. Here you can also know more about me, what projects I am working on or have a look at my past research.

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Latest Essays

On What Lexers Do

On reconnecting with something I was always curious about: compilers and interpreters. It turns out lexers can actually be fun.

On Unit Testing in Temporal

I was surprised by the ease with which I was able to implement unit testing in Temporal. It was quite a surprise.

Understanding 'kubectl explain'

‘kubectl explain’ is a powerful tool to inspect details about resources, fields and their meanings. By using it, we can quickly see details of these things without having to open up a browser and associated documentation.

Essential Fields in Kubernetes Manifests

Kubernetes manifests are the baseline of describing objects in Kubernetes, their desired state and associated metadata. In this essay, we go over the four essential fields that every single Kubernetes resource needs.

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