Hugo Martins


Here is a list of some of the projects I have either created or worked on with other people. Also, there’s a list of open source projects I have contributed to.



  • awesome-linters is a community-driven curation effort of the best linting tools available for several programming languages.
  • dotfiles are the .files, scripts and environment setup used in my Ubuntu machine.
  • hugo-theme-candy is a minimalistic Hugo theme focused on readability.
  • Blocked is a Python implementation of an Access Control application, for Educational Certificates, based on Hyperledger Sawtooth.
  • is this website, a Hugo-based static website.
  • rekisteri is a private Terraform Registry that serves Terraform’s Provider Registry Protocol.


  • aether is a fork of aether Hugo theme providing Netlify CMS integration.
  • hackerrank is a collection of solutions that I submitted to HackerRank competitions or practice exercises. Mainly PHP, Python, Ruby and Shell scripts.
  • is a simple and fast way to get a WiFi password without having to go through Network settings or check the device. It was written in Perl so that I could get the basics of the language.
  • polyglot is a programming language detector written in Python 2.7. I wrote this to fiddle with Python and understand more about it.
  • adventofcode is a repository with personal solutions for Advent of Code.



  • pytest is a Python testing framework. I started using pytest for some of my Python projects and decided to contribute back by fixing up some identified problems in the documentation. I am currently a contributor and a member of the pytest-dev team. (pytest-3.6.4, pytest-6.2.0, Commits)
  • PyInstaller bundles a Python application and all its dependencies into a single package. I have been a user of the application for a few months and, when Hacktoberfest 2019 came around I thought it would be appropriate to give back. I contributed with some documentation patches and some new hooks that had been requested by the community. (PyInstaller 3.6, Commits)
  • kotest, a powerful, elegant and flexible test framework for Kotlin. I’ve contributed with documentation fixes and suggestion for enhancements. (Kotest 4.5.0, Commits)
  • kubernetes-client, a Java client for Kubernetes & OpenShift. Made a small contribution for the mock servers used in tests. (Commits)


  • CFDocs is a repository that holds documentation for the ColdFusion Markup Language. Since I had the need to learn the language I have contributed with some documents to the project. I did this because I used the website as a source of knowledge and wanted to give back. (Commits)
  • Rocket.Chat.Docs is the documentation for the Rocket.Chat’s API. While investigating their API I was able to contribute back a patch for the documentation website. (Commits)
  • Nextclould Documentation is the documentation for Nextcloud. I contributed to this as part of my Hacktoberfest’s participation, in 2017, with a couple of pull requests to fix some identified issues. (Commits)
  • Linux Dash is a simple & low-overhead web dashboard for linux systems. I wrote the initial Portuguese translation of the documentation. (Commits)


  • KeeWeb is a cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass. I have helped with the translation of the application from English to Portuguese.