Hugo Martins


While studying to get my Master’s in Information and Business Systems, I had the opportunity to do research. Said research focused on understanding decentralized qualification’s verification under existing access control models.

I am interested in the topics of Information Security, Access Control, Decentralized Applications and Blockchains. Particularly, defining how all of those overlap and in what ways we can improve our existing systems, with new technology or new applications of older technology.


I built Blocked, which is a proof-of-concept application built on top of Hyperledger Sawtooth, for verifying educational qualifications on a decentralized blockchain.


Book Chapters

H. S. Martins and S. L. Guerreiro, “Access Control Challenges in Enterprise Ecosystems: Blockchain-Based Technologies as an Opportunity for Enhanced Access Control”, in Global Cyber Security Labor Shortage and International Business Risk, Bryan Christiansen and Agnieszka Piekarz, Eds. Hershey, PA, USA: IGI Global, 2019, pp. 51–76.


H. S. Martins, “Exploring Permissioned Blockchains for Decentralizing Access Control”, Master’s Thesis, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, 2018.