Hugo Martins

Traffic: January to June 2021

Inspired by Gergely Orosz’s Stats and Gwern’s Website Traffic, I decided to write a quick summary of this website’s traffic throughout the initial semester of 2021. It isn’t necessarily an immediate concern whether this website gets much traffic but I’m curious about it. No one truly publishes writing if one’s writing is solely to one’s self.


In total, from January to June, there were 1865 unique visitors and 2596 pageviews (15/day). Google was where most traffic came from, followed by DuckDuckGo, Bing and LinkedIn.

Top Essays:

  1. Building a Private Terraform Registry
  2. How to Access Host Resources in Minikube Pods?
  3. Understanding Differences Between List and MutableList in Kotlin
  4. Using require and check Functions in Kotlin
  5. How To Pass Multiple Parameters To Same Value in Query Strings

All of these, except for How to Access Host Resources in Minikube Pods? (2019), have been written throughout the period of January to July which is an important signal for me that some of the new stuff also interests readers.