Hugo Martins


Since the start of this year, I’ve been going through recommendations for the best jazz releases of 2020, from Guardian, Jazzwise, New York Times and Slate. I’ve even built a playlist with all of these, amounting to 426 songs and a bit more than 34 hours of music. I’ve listened to 7 or 8 of these recommendations already and, as of now, I have found Omega to be my favorite yet.

Omega is the debut album of Immanuel Wilkins , a young saxophonist, produced by Jason Moran and released by Blue Note Recordings in 2020. Omega is powerful, vibrant and eclectic, at times familiar but still completely unexpected. It is truly a remarkable release from such a young artist, 22 years old, and we can only hope for a bright future from this young saxophonist.

Omega - Spotify