Hugo Martins

The Web's Future

Tim Berners-Lee wrote an open letter about the perils of the internet, as it currently stands, and how it is getting increasingly centralized, on the hands of a few selected companies. This comes from one of the founding fathers of the decentralized web to this should be deeply concerning, yet I don’t think many people are paying attention. It just reiterates what I have shared last month about “Google’s nemesis…".

Major topics from this open letter:

  • How are we going to get everyone fair and equal access to the internet?
  • How are we going to take back the internet to the level of decentralization it had before? How are we going to take it back from the all powerful gigantic corporations that own it today?
  • How are we going to get more people debating, and contributing their voices, to what the web is going to look like, in the future?

These are not easy answers, and the open letter doesn’t try to aim them, but it is a very interesting read. Surely, it is timely.