Hugo Martins

Hacktoberfest - The End

The end as come for Hacktoberfest and I have bad news.

I didn’t complete any pull request during the month of October like the challenge demanded. I need not use any excuse, I just didn’t complete the challenge sadly.

I feel sad for not completing the challenge but at the same time, I feel glad that I tried to complete it. Sometimes life gets in the way and the things we plan simply aren’t possible.

I was very much excited to complete it but couldn’t. I won’t give up though - next year I’ll be there again to face the challenge.

Congratulations to the 9839 who succesfuly completed the challenge but above all I’m glad that more than 88000 pull requests were opened in 28366 repositories which I’m sure is very interesting for the OSS community.

I hope that a lot of newcomers have joined the OSS community like I wish to do and that the projects that accepted the challenge and contributions are now better than they were before.