Hugo Martins

Let Hacktoberfest Begin!

Earlier this week I read a link post on Hacker News that mentioned Hacktoberfest. Since I’m in love with the German language currently and always like mashup names I thought I’d have a look at it.

Hacktoberfest very similar in its nature to NaNoWriMo but designed and focused on hackers and developers. The event is a partnership between Digital Ocean and Github and aims to “support celebrate open source”. I think it is a brilliant idea.

The goal is simple: make four pull requests on projects hosted on Github between October 1 and October 31 and I’ll win a celebratory T-shirt for completing the challenge.

Since I like open source and I like T-shits, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to further advance my contributions to open source projects. It doesn’t need to be complicated and out of my current capabilities. Just contribute to an open source currently looking for help. Simple.

I have recently contributed to the translation of KeeWeb by helping in translating it into Portuguese. It was released last week. It still needs some fixing but I was very happy to be able to contribute to such an awesome project.

I hope Hacktoberfest will help in contributing to more open source projects that I find awesome.

To track the challenge, and my results, I’ll be sharing my pull requests whenever I submit them, and follow up if needed.

Let the hacktoberfest begin!